Sunday, April 1, 2007

Getting Things Done with OneNote - Introduction

There are so many tools out there to implement GTD and often the temptation is to keep on switching from one to another looking for that perfect GTD setup. In the end it can become just another form of procrastination. Much better to pick one tool, stick with it and start to get things done in earnest.
I have decided to use OneNote 2007 as my computerised GTD tool. In the coming series of posts I will explain my set up and implementation of the GTD methodology using OneNote. I am not claiming that OneNote is the best GTD tool, just that it works for me and I would rather spend time productively working rather than experimenting with new software every week or so.


Roman Smolkin said...

Hi, I just got a TabletPC (Gateway Convertible Notebook) with OneNote 2007, and I'm ready to start implementing Getting Things Done (GTD) system on it. Has anyone already done this or has suggestions on how to get started?

AimItMedia said...

Any chance of this getting updated to 2010?

I can't seem to find things since the layout is so different.


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