Monday, April 16, 2007

GTD with OneNote: Deferred Items

Sometimes when processing you come across something that needs to be deferred until a later date as it is not currently actionable. When this happens I use the ability of OneNote 2007 to integrate with Outlook. By flagging the item with CTRL+SHIFT+K I can create an Outlook to do item. I then set the date of this to do to the date it becomes actionable, in effect I use the Outlook to do list as a "tickler" file rather than a to do list - as all my next actions are contained in OneNote. When a item becomes active in Outlook I can then click on the link to be taken to the original in OneNote which I can then process and act on as previously described.

I will be writing more about the integration of OneNote and Outlook in the coming days.

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Audie Cashion said...

Rob, did you come up with some creative ways to integrate OneNote and Outlook more effectively? I'm going to be trying your great work out on a tablet PC, as I would rather have the tablet and OneNote be where I live rather than in Outlook.

Also, does GTD or other Connect Member have any other suggestions that you feel are good to learn from?

Thank you and great work, Audie

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