Tuesday, April 3, 2007

GTD with OneNote: Processing

This is the 3rd part of my GTD with OneNote series - see Parts One and Two

I try and process my stuff on a regular basis - at a minimum once a day.

I use the ability to show tagged notes to find everything I have tagged to be processed.
I click on each item to be taken to it. I make a decision about what this item is and what needs to be done with it.
First -is it an action item or reference? If its reference I file it away in the appropriate Notebook in OneNote.
Next if its an action item I decide if is it a Project or a single next action. If it’s a next action I tag it with the context it needs to be done in and move on. If it’s a project I will select it and create a linked page to the item. I will then use the hyperlink I have just made to jump to the page and tag it as a project, before navigating back to the processing page.
By repeating the process I will have processed the days inputs and be ready for the next stage which is Organising.

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CraigKennedy said...

I have enjoyed your posts and am demo-ing your Onenote set up.
One small question. How do you deal with Someday?
I'm used to moving things on and off my Someday list
For Example, I might have a Project as a separate page in ON that I want to move to SOmeday this week. If I just tag it with a "Someday" Tag, it still appears as a Title page when I run Summary Tags.
I'm thinking I should just cut and paste it into the body of a separate page and mark it SOmeday. How do you handle this?

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