Thursday, April 5, 2007

GTD with OneNote: Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots of the the process so far:

1. An entry in my daily journal - flagged to process later

2. On processing the entry i decide it is a multi-step Project - so i create a linked page for this

3. Clicking the hyperlink takes me to that project - I have flagged the title of the page as a project and i enter a next action and flag this by context

4. I am now able to list my next actions by Context:

Or List by Project, by grouping tagged items by title


Martin said...

Your GTD system is really interesting - I intend to set it up and try for myself and look forward to your upcoming posts. In particular, I wonder if you use any of the built-in OneNote to Outlook functions, and how you handle email and deferred items.

tj said...

i've decided to use OneNote as my GTD system, so your screenshots and records of your progress are REALLY helpful!

almost done reading the book and plan on doing my purge this week. however, i'm not familiar with OneNote. so, again, thanks for the support.

Sheila said...


Outstanding implementation of GTD with OneNote. I'm modelling your setup as I type.

I hope that you get some wide coverage among the GTD community ... and that you keep this series going.

All the best.

Matt said...

The ability to see the next steps in the project is great - this has been my biggest frustration with using Outlook directly. Thank you!

Ron said...

I implement a slight modification to this system:

a) I create a short (but meaningful) name for each project. For example:

b) I label my next actions such they they start with the short project name, for example:
.CustomerXYZ-ReviewWebsite - Check the Google Analytics stats (monthly traffic) for

By doing this, when you look at the Tags Summary list, sorted by Tag Name, you not only see a list of next actions sorted by context, but you also get to see at a glance the project each next action belongs to.

Lee said...

I love your system. Q: how do you track the associated project for action item on a day's page the Today section? Thx -- Lee

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