Monday, April 2, 2007

GTD with OneNote: Set Up

To implement GTD with OneNote I first set up a new notebook as below:

Create a new OneNote notebook.

Set up a section in this notebook called TODAY and make a desktop shortcut to this section - see David Rasmussen's Blog on how to do this.
Now use Tools->Options->send to Onenote to set the default section for sending webnotes and printouts to to the TODAY section you have just set up.
Now use Tools->Options->save to set the default section for unfiled notes to the TODAY section.
Set up a Section in OneNote for the current month.
Set up a Section in OneNote as a monthly archive.
Set up a Section in OneNote for Active Projects..
Set up a Section in OneNote for Archived Projects.
Set up a Section in OneNote for support files.
Set up Tags with Status and Contexts - here are the ones I use..

Finally use View-> Tags Toolbar to make these contexts visible in a toolbar

So the notebook is set up - next post will be on stage 1 of the GTD process - collect


Anonymous said...

looks like the images aren't working. I'm curious about what context and status tags you used.

Rob said...

I'm sorry the image link is not working for some people, i can see them so had no idea...
The tags i use at present are
@Discuss with CTRL+5

I previously had far too many contexts but find the few I use above perfectly adequate. I think contexts could be a whole blog post on its own.

Groover said...

I have just moved to a new position and I am just starting out with both GTD and OneNote - I look forward to reading the rest of these posts!

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Warren Slocum said...

Is there a program like One Note for the Mac?


Gaz said...

Just to let you know, I had to use a proxy to get this site, I'm in China and this site is blocked by the communist party, guess they don't want their poor citizens getting all organized... Great idea though I'm trying to do it now, saw another blog showing how to use one note and outlook tasks but I don't use outlook.

Anonymous said...

How would I do this with onenote 2003?

Obviously, hyperlinks have to be written in manually; and, there is no "Tools->Options->send to Onenote" option etc.

Easy workaround?

Ron said...

@iron garden wrote:

"Is there a program like One Note for the Mac?"

You'll find that the best GTD application on the Mac is Omnifocus.

I would buy this instantly if this were available on the PC.

petrol lawnmowers said...

I saw another blog talking about this but you explained it much better.

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