Friday, June 15, 2007

GTD with OneNote - collected Links

Just a short post with the links to all my OneNote GTD series .

[Edit 21/6/07 - I have upgraded to Outlook 2007, I'm currently intergrating this into my system so stay tuned for developments]

Set up
Screen shots
Deferred Items
email and Outlook
Out and About


anuj said...


There is a whole movement around "Getting Things Done" on the net with people like you at the forefront. From trying new web 2.0 applications to using the legendary Italian notebook Moleskine (for the artistically inclined) you have done it all and with elan.

Our team at TaskBin ( has a new tool for you to explore and compare. We make tall claims of being different and one of our kind, allowing users to work in a group setting. It is built around the concept of sharing tasks while working in groups. In TaskBin, all of your tasks are visible to others and can be shared. Other members can add tasks to your plate or edit tasks already there. TaskBin also is also about getting things done, and has priorities like Now, Today, Tomorrow, Sometime This Week, and Sometime Soon. It does not try to rule you or run your life with a calendar and an alarm clock!!

So we think its time we get our claims validated from the very people who drive the Getting Things Done movement - You. We are in the early stages of beta and your feedback could help us make a more useful product. It would be great if you could give TaskBin a try and let us know your thoughts on it - the good, the bad and the ugly!

Registration is super easy. However, if you do not want to register at this time and just want to play with it to see how it works, just click on the link below and you shall be logged in to a demo account.

Thank you,
Anuj Khurana
gtalk id:
My tasks are in - Where are yours?

P.S.: You could visit to find out the scenarios where TaskBin could help you in a group setting.

Carl said...

Hi Rob - Great collection of how-to's. Thank you for sharing this! Just to contrast, information in my personal OneNote-GTD setup tends to flow the opposite way... I usually capture and store things in OneNote, then send actions & tasks to Outlook during the weekly review. I posted a description and some screen shots here if you're interested:


Nilesh said...

Fantastic inputs those…
I've been reading a lot of stuff on time management and improving productivity over the last couple of years and I've actually started writing a book on the subject :-)
I personally find the site pretty useful in scheduling reminders; even more so because of SMS alerts which you receive even when you are not at your desk. Its fantastic!
Keep the good stuff coming… :-)

Anonymous said...


I have created an online community site for OneNote fans at Come and join the conversation - read my blog, view or upload notebooks, join a discussion.

Loc said...

Very curious as to whether this is still working out for you? We've found a lot of GTD/Evernote abandoners - and wondering if the same is true for GTD/OneNote users.

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