Sunday, March 7, 2010

Might wanna do when…

• I like this idea of keeping  a list of possible  things to do when you are in certain locations, by city  / region  / county. So many times I read something about a great venue / restaurant / museum etc in a place I never expect to visit. I'm now going to start keeping these on file somewhere just in case I do end up in the location some time down the line.  Could easily keep the information somewhere in OneNote, although yet again I'd prefer to have it in the cloud (come on OneNote - deliver this please). Evernote would be another option I suppose.
• I picked up the idea from GTD Times the official blog of David Allen and the David Allen Company.  There are several other list ideas there too.
• What lists do you keep & where do you keep them?


Aaron said...

That's a great idea.
I keep lists of the following items
recipes I want to make when specific ingrediants are in season
Gifts (updated year round for quality presents at appropriat times)
Upcoming projects, not a todo list, but more of a horizon list.
my I think I wish list. Stuff I think I want, in limbo.

Martin said...

I keep them in my tasks, with a categorie like @Amsterdam, @ NewYork and so on. These tasks sync to my blackberry, so I have them with me where ever I travel.

Bruce said...

Microsoft live mesh allows you to sync folders in realtime. What I did was, after live mesh was installed was right click and select the new option "add folder to live mesh" and done. I added my laptop to the mesh as well and shared the folder accross the two systems. Now folders sync in realtime for ON accross my two primary computers.

If you require the lists to be accessed from any computer just save the files as a text file in another folder, add that folder to your mesh as well and live mesh gives you access from any web enables computer.

Give it a try.

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